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The catalogue contains details of the various documents, photographs, maps, audiovisual material, books, journals and will transcriptions held in the Club's archives. The audiovisual material includes the Club's two oral history collections – 'Radley Remembered' and 'A Tale to Tell'. The catalogue has three main elements:

  • Topic lists: items are listed according to one of 17 topics. Within each topic category, items are listed by type – maps, books, documents, photographs, audiovisual (as applicable). Where an item is relevant to more than one category, it is listed in the category of greatest relevance. If you can't find an item under the category that first occurs to you, it may be worth looking under other categories that might also be relevant.
  • Will transcriptions – listed both by surname and by date (starting in 1537)
  • Journals collection – selected issues of a variety of local and national series
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Consulting the RHC archives

Please contact the archivist to discuss whether we can help you or with details of which item(s) you are interested in.

At the archivist’s discretion you may be invited to make a donation to the Club in acknowledgment of the help given and any materials provided.

  • Books may be borrowed by Club members for their own research at the discretion of the archivist.
  • Other items can be consulted by Club members for their own research on application to the archivist.
  • Where the Club holds material electronically and there are no copyright or data protection issues, it may be possible to provide a copy of the file or, for audiovisual items, a web link. This is at the discretion of the archivist and should be discussed with him.

Topics and their coverage

Topic Coverage
Archaeology Radley’s archaeology and wider archaeological material of direct relevance to Radley.
Berkshire/Oxfordshire Material about these two counties (either pre or post 1974 boundaries) which is either about the county as a whole, or is mainly about places in them other than Radley. For example, a history of Oxford or Abingdon would be listed here even if it mentions Radley.
Buildings Buildings in Radley and wider material about buildings of direct relevance to Radley.
Censuses, registers and population Statistics etc. about Radley’s population, including births, deaths and marriages.
Church Anything to do with St James the Great Church, including the Vicarage, Church Room, clergy, parochial church council and church related charities.
Community Radley’s shops and pub, other local businesses, sport and social clubs (including Radley History Club), fetes and other village events, Clerk of Green Cloth etc.
Farms and land Radley (and nearby) farms, farming practice, land records including manorial land records and 1633 terrier. Includes material about farmers/labourers/owners if more about the farms/land than about their families.
General history Material which is about general or national historical issues, or about areas outside Berkshire/Oxfordshire, that is of little direct relevance to Radley
Manor, Park and College Radley and Sugworth manors and their lords, Radley manor house, park and grounds. All material about the Stonhouse and Bowyer families and Radley College. Includes records about the ‘domain’ land directly used by the manor, but not land let to others (which are in the ‘Farms and land’ category).
News, newspapers, directories A general category for news items and publications that do not fall into one of the other categories.
Parish council and local planning Parish Council elections, boundary meetings, decisions, etc., District and County Council plans and planning decisions affecting Radley. This heading excludes items relating to the ecclesiastical parish (which come under the Church category).
People Families and individuals who have lived in Radley or had significant dealings with Radley, unless covered by one of the other categories. For example, material about the Stonhouse and Bowyer families is found under the category ‘Manor, Park and College’).
Places Items about specific parts of Radley, such as Radley Lakes, Lower Radley, Radley Little Wood, the River Thames and the mobile home parks. Includes places just outside the parish boundary where of clear Radley relevance. This category is also used for general material about Radley as a whole.
Primary School Radley’s primary school and predecessor schools on the current site. Includes any general material about education, but not material specifically about Radley College (on which see the category ‘Manor, Park and College’).
Railway and other transport Material about the railway, roads, bus services, etc. – either in Radley itself or routes passing through Radley.
Taxes, valuations and tithes Formal exercises such as the hearth tax, 1849 tithe commutation, and land tax and rating records.
Unsorted general collections Mixed collections of material forming part of a single acquisition that has not yet been sorted into subject categories.