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This category covers Radley's archaeology and wider archaeological material of direct relevance to Radley
Excavations at Barrow Hills, Radley, Oxfordshire. Volume I: The Neolithic and Bronze Age Monument Complex by Alistair Barclay and Claire Halpin. (Presented by Brian and Rita Ford, January 2005). Also Barrow Hills, Radley 1983-4: excavations, an interim report by R. Bradley, R.A. Chambers and C.E. Halpin, Oxford Archaeological Unit, 1984, presented by Barbara Hook, May 2007. Book B.46
Excavations at Barrow Hills, Radley, Oxfordshire. Volume II: The Romano British Cemetery and Anglo Saxon Settlement by Richard Chambers and Ellen McAdam. Published by Oxford University School of Archaeology, 2007. Presented by Mr P. Davis of Kennington Book B.133
Major Allen 1891-1940 aerial archaeologist, published by Iffley History Society c.2005. 18pp. Presented by Robert Sephton, August 2010. (Major G.W.G. Allen was a pioneer in the development of aerial survey for archaeological purposes. His photographs are housed in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Copies of two of his photographs of Cranbrook House and surroundings, Kennington, are filed in Photographs P.163.) Book B.87
Cutting from the Oxford Mail in April --- , being an account of a Roman mosaic floor excavated at the Peach Croft Farm site, Radley Road, Abingdon. Donated by Mary Shayler, March 2004. Document D.37.3
Cutting from the Oxford Mail (?), being an account of the excavation of the remains of a Saxon warrior at the Radley Road dig, Abingdon (no date). Donated by Mary Shayler, March 2004. Document D.37.4
Cutting from the Oxford Mail, April ---, being an account of the excavation of a Roman skeleton at a dig at Abingdon School (no date). Donated by Mary Shayler, March 2004. Document D.37.5
Cromerian Interglacial Deposits at Sugworth, near Oxford, England, and their Relation to the Plateau Drift of the Cotswolds and the Terrace Sequence of the Upper and Middle Thames. By F.W. Shotton, A.S. Goudie, D.J. Briggs and H.A. Osmaston. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 1980, Vol. 289, No. 1034, pp. 55-86. Document D.39
Extracts from The Berks, Bucks and Oxon Archaeological Journal, Vol. 29, No. 1, Spring 1925, being Notes on the History of Radley. Document D.70
Copy index to South Midlands Archaeology. Vols. 1 to 35 (1971 – 2005), being Group 9 (or South Midlands) Region of the Council for British Archaeology, together with copies of the pages containing references to Radley and Thrupp. Document D.99.1
'Brother and Sister Re-united' by Jeff Wallis - relates to archaeological finds at Tuckwell's gravel quarry at Thrupp Lane, Radley. Extract from the Newsletter of the Abingdon Architectural and Historical Society, Spring 2015. Document D.270.4
Report by Bob Eeles, 2009, summarising the archaeological. palaeontological and ecologcal evidence in realtion to Nyett Field, Thrupp - where mineral extraction was at that time proposed. Document D.371
AAAHS Spring Newsletter of 2005, including a 'Digging Report' by Bob Eeles mainly in relation to recent excavations at Thrupp Document D.372
Documents presented by Charles Dockar-Drysdale relating to excavations at Barrow Hills Field, Radley, as follows:
(i) Letter from the Ministry of Works to W. Dockar-Drysdale, Esq., dated 4 August 1944 regarding the excavations, with a copy of the list of objects found there.
(ii) Reprint from Oxoniensia, Vol XIII, 1948 of an article entitled Excavations in Barrow Hills Field, Radley, Berkshire, 1944, by Audrey Williams.
(iii) Copy of aerial photograph by Major G.W.G. Allen showing the sites of 15 ring ditches at Barrow Hills Field, Radley, reproduced in (ii) above.
(iv) Copy of page on the English Heritage website relating to Radley Barrow Hills Vol. 2.
(v) Copy extract from the booklet Gifts to the Ashmolean Museum 1683–1970, listing the gifts to the museum by Mr W. Dockar-Drysdale of the objects from the Barrow Hills Field excavations, 1944.
Document D.141
Report of the talk entitled The archaeology of Radley, what's under your feet given by Rachel Everett to Radley History Club on 10 April 2017 Document D.242.45
Abingdon Archaeological Geophysics. Short report of survey to establish whether remains of a possible northern aisle and transept to St James the Great Church, Radley, could be detected. Includes a DVD. Dated 18 November 2014. Document D.267
'Saxon Features at Abingdon' by Michael Avery and David Brown. Extracted from Oxoniensia, the journal of the Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society, Volume XXXVII, 1972. Deals with an excavation site south of Radley Road, Abingdon. Document D.269
Copies of articles relating to archaeological excavations at Peach Croft Farm, Radley: (i) Peach Croft Farm 1969 - the R.H.A.S. 'Dig'. Article printed in The Radleian [1969]. (ii) Peachcroft Farm. Article printed in Archaeology 1971/72. (iii) Article printed in Archaeology [1974]. Presented by Patrick Drysdale 2002.  Document D.274
Copy article 'Digging round the country - Archaeological news from Francis Pryor', printed in The Countryman [no date]. Refers to the notched late bronze age (about 800 BC) oak log ladder found in a pit at Radley, with a photograph. Presented by Patrick Drysdale, 2002. Document D.275
Leaflet entitled, Wick Hall 1739-1989, details of guided tour of Wick Hall site by Oxford Archaeological Unit (?1989) and typed copy of particulars of Wick Hall estate sale of 1850. Item belonging to Patricia Groser, former RHC Committee member, and donated by her family following her death. Document D.304.1
Handout by Jeff Wallis for the archaeology walks he led for Radley History Club on 15 and 22 May 2017 Document D.311
Archaeological evaluation report by Oxford Archaeology of North-West Radley strategic housing site, December 2017, submitted by Radley College in support of planning application for the site. Includes evidence of Iron Age settlement. Document D.345
Reports dated 2014-2017 on archeological evidence on the South Kennington Strategic Housing site. Prepared by Phoenix Archaeological consultancy and submitted by Redrow Homes in support of their 2018 planning application for 270 new homes on the site Document D.352
Excavations at Manor Farm, Bayworth, visited by Radley History Club on 3 August 2003. Six images presented by Eric Blanks, a member of Radley Club.  In Photograph Album containing Photographs P.1–P.62. Photo P.54
Two photographs of excavations at Manor Farm, Bayworth, visited by Radley History Club on 3 August 2003. Presented by John Homewood. In Photograph Album containing Photographs P.1–P.62. Photo P.55
Three photos of excavations by the Abingdon Archaeological and Historical Society at Manor Farm, Bayworth, visited by members of Radley History Club on 12 August 2003. Photographs presented by Eric and Mary Blanks. Photo P.128.2
Two colour photos of the archaeological excavations at Barrow Hills, Radley, 1985. Presented by Barbara Hook, July 2006. Photo P.87
Two photographs of excavated graves at Barrow Hills, Radley, summer 1984. Sepia prints, donated by Mrs Eccles 1997. Photo P.151
Two photographs of bricks uncovered by John Homewood and others when planting trees at the Church Road Car Park, Radley, December 2006. Photo P.101