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Kelly’s Directory of Oxford, Abingdon, Woodstock and Neighbourhood 1945 (including Radley and Kennington). Part of collection of documents, photographs, etc. presented by Charles Dockar-Drysdale, March 2009. See Documents D.182 and Photographs P.157 for the rest of the collection; see also disc found at P.207. Book B.76
Kelly’s Tradefinder of Oxford, Abingdon, Woodstock and Neighbourhood, 1975. Presented by John Wilson, April 2011. Book B.95
Oxford Times Special Souvenir Supplement, 29 February 2008, marking the final broadsheet edition of the newspaper. Presented by Brian and Rita Ford, March 2008. Document D.125
Harrod and Co.'s Directory of (inter alia) Berkshire 1876 (Radley pages only) Document D.145.11
Kelly’s Berkshire Directory 1848 (Berkshire and Abingdon pages) Document D.145.3
Kelly’s Directory of Berkshire 1887 (Front page, Abingdon, Kennington, Radley and Sunningwell). Also on disc. Document D.145.5
Kelly’s Directory of Berkshire 1903 (Front page, Abingdon, Kennington, Radley and Sunningwell). Also on disc Document D.145.6
Kelly’s Directory of Berkshire 1915 (Radley and Sunningwell pages). Document D.145.7
Kelly’s Directory of Berkshire 1931 (Front page, Abingdon private residents and commercial, Kennington, Radley and Sunningwell). Also on disc Document D.145.8
Kelly’s Directory 1940. Copy of the Radley pages. Presented by Cynthia Scragg, August 2008. Also transcription by Stanley Baker. Document D.145.9
Kelly’s Directory of Oxford, Abingdon, Woodstock and neighbourhood 1945 - Radley, Kennington and Sunningwell pages Document D.145.12
Pigot’s Directory 1830 (Berkshire and Abingdon pages). Also on disc (only works on old operating systems) Document D.145.1
Slater’s Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography of (inter alia) Berkshire (Berkshire and Abingdon pages). 1852–1853 Document D.145.10
Post Office Directory, Berkshire 1847 (Berkshire front page, Abingdon pages, Radley and Sunningwell). Also on disc Document D.145.2
Post Office Directory, Berkshire 1869 (Berkshire pages, Abingdon, Kennington, Radley, Sunningwell). Also on disc. Document D.145.4
Copy of article in the Oxford Times (Oxfordshire Limited Edition November 2009), regarding William Jackson, founder and publisher of Jackson’s Oxford Journal. Presented by Brian Ford, November 2009. Document D.193
Jackson’s Oxford Journal 1800-1900 (except 1896-1898). Set of extracts of the entries relating to Radley, Pumney, Wick and Thrupp. Collected and presented by Stanley Baker, June 2010. 150 pp. Also on disc. Document D.199
Various cuttings from Radley News 1995-2000 (items belonging to David Buckle and donated by his family following his death) Document D.305.5
Picture Frames and Framing. Audio recording of the talk to Radley History Club by Dr Peter Cannon Brookes, 8 November 2004. CLUB USE ONLY Audiovisual A.75