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The transcriptions are in everyday English except that proper nouns, such as the names of persons, places and fields, are spelt as in the original documents. For ease of reference the transcriptions ignore the format and punctuation of the original documents except where needed for interpretation.
Christian name
Date of will
Almond Elizabeth Radley 1789 Will and Probate
Avery Thomas Radley 1617 Will, Codicil and Probate
Avery Henry Radley 1642 Wills, etc
Avery Elizabeth Radley 1643 Wills, etc
Avery Henry Radley 1684 Will
Ayres William Radley 1599 Wills, etc
Ayres John Radley 1580/81 Wills, etc
Badcock Simon Radley 1676 Inventory, Account and Bond
Badcock Jane Radley 1680 Bond and Inventory
Badcock Elizabeth Radley 1799 Wills, etc
Badcock John Wick Farm, Radley 1821 Wills, etc
Badcock Benjamin Sutton Wick, Berks 1895 Will
Barnes William Radley 1669 Wills, etc
Bath James Radley 1614 Wills, etc
Bedford Dorothy Radley 1596 Wills, etc
Bond Thomas Radley 1688 Letters of Administration to his estate of Thomas Bond of Radley, together with Inventory, Court papers in Chancery and in the Berks Archdeaconry Court, and Sentence of Excommunication against Bridget Bond, his widow, 1688-89
Bond Bridget Radley 1692 Will, Inventory and Probate
Bowyer George, Admiral Sir Radley 1800 Will and Probate
Bowyer Emily   1836 Will documents
Bowyer George, Sir Radley 1858-1862 (d. 1860) Will documents
Bowyer George, Sir   1850-1883 (d. 1863) Will documents
Bowyer Henrietta, Lady    1832-1846 Will documents
Bowyer Henry, Revd Rector, Sunningwell 1851 (will) and 1854 (probate) Will and probate
Broom John Radley 1823 Will documents
Butler William Radley 1557 Wills, etc
Butler Henry Radley 1593 Wills, etc
Butler Richard Radley 1608 Wills, etc
Butler Thomas Radley 1731 Wills, etc
Butler John Radley [1557] Wills, etc
Byrcott John Radley 1552 Wills, etc
Chandler Jonathan Radley 1790 Wills, etc
Chaney William Radley 1767 Wills, etc
Chayne Richard Radley 1537 Wills, etc
Chenie Thomas Radley 1592 Wills, etc
Chenney Emblin Radley 1610 Wills, etc
Chenney Thomas Radley 1611 Wills, etc
Clement Francis Radley 1676 Will documents
Coleling John Radley 1808 Will documents
Collis (or Collys) John Radley 1544 Will documents
Constable Thomas Radley 1674 Bond and Inventory
Constable Ann Radley 1688 Will, Inventory and Probate
Cox Richard Radley 1555 Will documents
Cox Walter Radley 1642 Will documents
Cox Edward Radley 1700 Will documents
Coxe William Thrup, Radley 1603 Will documents
Coxe Mary Radley 1668 Will documents
Crouch William   1556 Wills, etc
Crouch Richard   1558 Wills, etc
Crouch Amy Radley 1593 Wills, etc
Crouch Thomas Radley 1615 Wills, etc
Crouch Margaret Radley 1641 Wills, etc
Crouch William Radley 1645 Will and Probate
Crouch Walter Radley 1662 Will and Probate
Crouch Martin Radley 1665 Wills, etc
Crouch Mary Radley 1680 Wills, etc
Crouch Henry Radley 1689 Wills, etc
Crouch Henry Radley 1704 Wills, etc
Crouch Elizabeth Radley 1693/94 Will and Probate
Crouch [Chrouch] Elizabeth Radley 1598 Wills, etc
Crouch [Chrouch] Thomas Radley 1638 Wills, etc
Crouch [Chrouch] John Radley 1596/97 Wills, etc
Crouch [Croche] Thomas Radley 1556 Wills, etc
Crouch [Crouche] John Radley 1558 Wills, etc
Crouch [Crowch] John   1588 Wills, etc
Crouch [Crowche] John Radley 1568 Wills, etc
Crouch [Crutche] Agnes   1581 Wills, etc
Davis William Radley 1747 Will and Probate
Davis Hannah Radley 1763 Will documents
Davis John Radley 1763 Will documents
Davis Gabriel Radley 1804 Will, Codicil and Probate
Davis John Radley 1821 Will and Probate
Deane Thomas Thrup 1854 Will documents
Draper William Radley 1540 Will documents
Edwardes Nicholas Radley 1601 Will documents
Edwards William Radley 1592 Will documents
Eling Edward Radley 1719 Will and Probate
Eling Margaret Radley 1728 Will and Probate
Field Francis Radley 1752/53 Bond for Administration
Field Henry Radley 1768 (will) and 1769 (probate) Will and Probate
Field  Richard Radley 1719 Will and Probate
Field (widow) Ann Radley 1737 (will) and probate (1739) Will and Probate
Field [Feild] Mary Radley 1681 Bond for Administration
Field [Feild] Richard Radley 1671/72 Will, Inventory and Probate
Fletcher Vincent Radley 1759 Will and Administration
Fletcher Henry Pumney 1770 Will and Probate
Garrard William Radley 1856 Will and Probate
Garrod (daughter of Sir John Stonhouse) Margaret Radley 1753 Will and Probate
George William Radley 1664 Nuncupative Will, Receipt for Debt and Bond of Administration
Greenaway Joseph Radley 1813 Administration and bond
Greenaway* Thomas Radley 1819 Will documents
Greenaway Ann Radley 1787/9 Will and Probate
Greene* Henry Radley 1616 Will documents
Harper William Radley 1542 Will documents
Harper John Radley 1591 Will documents
Harper Ellen Radley 1595 Will documents
Harper* Thomas Radley 1638 Will documents
Harwood* Robert Radley 1660 Will documents
Hedges* John Radley 1767 Will documents
Herbert John, Revd Vicar, Radley 1669 Bond and Inventory
Herbert [Harbert] Judith Radley 1707 Will and Probate
Huckwell Sarah Kennington 1825 Will and Probate
Hyde William Wick 1624 Will and Probate
Keate Thomas Radley 1613 Will, Probate, Administration and Inventory
Lloyd Roderick, Revd Vicar, Radley 1613 Will and Probate
Mayott Robert St Nicholas, Abingdon 1643 Will
Mayott Robert Abingdon 1676 (will) and
1683 (sentence and probate)
Will, Sentence and Probate
Mayott Robert Abingdon 1708 (will) and 1713 (probate) Will and Probate
Meekes Thomas Radley 1706 Will and Probate
Minchin John Radley 1801 Will and Probate; also further probate 1803
Mundy Jane Radley 1794 Will and Probate
Newman Francis Radley 1753 Will and Probate
Nicholes Robert Radley 1609 Will, Probate and Inventory
Nicholls Thomas Radley 1642 Will, Inventory and Probate
Nicholls Henry Radley 1657 Will and Probate
Nicoles Alice Radley 1592 Will, Probate and Inventory
Nicolles William Radley 1559 Will and Probate
Nicolles Alice Radley 1571 Will
Page  Thomas Radley 1579 Probate and Bond
Palmer John Radley 1557 Will documents
Palmer Maude Radley 1576 Will documents
Palmer William Radley 1591 Will documents
Palmer Richard Radley 1596 Will documents
Palmer Thomas Radley 1599 Will documents
Palmer John Radley 1630 Will documents
Peck Gregory Radley 1745 Will documents
Porter Thomas Thrupp 1544 Will and Probate; also Inventory with transcript
Porter Richard Radley 1551 Will and Probate; also Inventory with transcript
Porter Helen Radley 1558 Will, Inventory and Debts
Porter Christopher Radley 1572 Will, Probate, Bonds and Inventory
Porter John Thrupp 1579 Will, Codicil, Inventory and Debts
Porter Thomas Radley 1590 Grant of Administration; also Inventory and Bond, with transcripts
Porter Edward Radley 1602 Administration, Bond and Inventory
Porter Philip Radley 1602 Will, Bond and Inventory
Porter Thomas Radley 1609 Will, Probate and Inventory
Porter Thomas Thrupp 1612 Will, Probate and Inventory (revised transcripts)
Porter Anne Radley 1625 Will, Probate and Inventory
Porter Thomas Thrupp, Radley 1662 Wills, etc
Porter Richard Radley 1667, 1675 Wills, etc
Price Richard Kennington 1675 Will and Probate
Price Sarah Radley 1685 Wills, etc
Price Thomas Radley 1695 Wills, etc
Reade Thomas Abingdon 1556 Will and Probate
Reade Thomas Barton 1605 Will and Probate
Reade Alexander   1650 Will and Probate
Reade Alexander Pumney, Radley 1681 Administration, Bond, Inventory and Account
Robinson Robert Radley 1727 Will and Probate
Sawyer John Radley 1658 Will and Probate
Sheene John Radley 1558 Will and Probate
Sheene Richard Thrupp 1558 Will and Probate
Sheene John Thrupp 1578 Will, Probate and Inventory
Sheene Robert Radley 1596 Will, Probate and Inventory
Sheene John Thrupp 1597 Will, Probate and Inventory
Sheene Henry Thrupp 1605 Will, Probate and Inventory
Stonhouse** George   1573 Will and Probate
Stonhouse William, Sir Radley 1632 Will and Probate
Stonhouse Elizabeth, Dame Radley 1655 Will and Probate
Stonhouse George, Sir Radley 1675 Will and Probate
Stonhouse Margaret, Dame Radley 1694/5 Will and Probate
Stonhouse John, Sir Radley 1700 Will and Probate
Stonhouse Martha, Dame Radley 1712 Will and Probate
Stonhouse James Tubney 1713 Will and Probate; also Inventory and Bond, with transcripts
Stonhouse John, Sir Radley 1735 Will and Probate
Stonhouse Margaret Radley 1744 Will and Probate
Stonhouse John, Sir Radley 1767 Wills, etc
Stonhouse Penelope, Dame Radley 1769 Wills, etc
Stonhouse William, Sir Radley 1780 Will and Probate
Stonhouse James, Revd Sir Radley 1792 Will and Probate
Surman James Radley 1783 Will and Probate
Surman John Radley 1786 Will and Probate
Trewlock Joseph Steventon 1671 Inventory of the goods etc. listing his possessions at Steventon, Radley and Honeybourne, Worcs.
Truelock John Radley 1614 Will documents
Truelock John Radley 1644 Will documents
Truelock Thomas Radley 1678 Will documents
Truelock Jane Radley 1716 Will documents
Truelock Thomas Radley 1737 Will documents
Tubb Christopher Radley 1726 Will documents
Tubb John Radley 1765 Will documents
Turvey (alias Buckingham) John Radley 1674 Will, Inventory and Probate
Twinch John Radley 1644 Inventory
Waters John Thrupp 1792 Will, Codicil and Probate
Whistler John Radley 1611 Wills, etc
Whistler Ralph Radley 1614 Letters of Administration
White Harry Radley 1563 Will and Probate
White William Radley 1624 Will, Inventory and Probate
White Margery Radley 1632 Will, Inventory and Probate
White Thomas Radley 1735 Will and Probate
Woodward Robert Radley 1708 Will and Probate

* Transcript not available in electronic format
** Partial transcription

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