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This category covers Radley’s primary school and predecessor schools on the current site. Includes any general material about education, but not material specifically about Radley College (on which see the category Manor, Park and College).
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Radley C.E. Primary School - map (modern) of site based on Ordnance Survey map. Map M.24
The History of Radley C.E. Primary School by Christine Wootton. Published by Radley History Club, June 2008. 168pp. Book B.116
(i) Copy of newspaper cutting concerning a report by David Buckle, Chairman of Radley Parish Council, about the overcrowding of Radley Village School and the need for an extra classroom. Story by Richard Wooldridge, 11 November 1966.
(ii) Copy of picture by J.R.V. Johnson accompanying the above report. Presented by David Buckle.
Document D.117
Visitors’ Book used at Radley History Club’s Exhibition at Radley Primary School on 12 and 13 July 2008, including the advertisement for the exhibition, a photo of the publicity screen in Abingdon Library, the comments by visitors to the exhibition, a copy of the front page of Radley News for July 2008 advertising the exhibition, a copy of the exhibition programme, and the handwriting efforts of visitors using a quill or steel-nibbed pen. July 2008. Stored on bookshelf. Document D.147
Lists of persons entering the competition at the Radley Primary School Exhibition on 12 and 13 July 2008 to guess the number of words in the History Club’s new publication by Christine Wootton entitled The History of Radley C.E. Primary School, launched at the Exhibition. Document D.148
Extract from Oxfordshire Local History News, Issue 115 Autumn 2008, re Radley History Club’s Exhibition at Radley Primary School on 12 and 13 July 2008. Document D.155
Copy of review by Tim Lomas in the British Association for Local History’s Online Review, November 2008, of The History of Radley C.E. Primary School, by Christine Wootton, published by Radley History Club 2008.  Document D.156
Retirement of Miss Florence Middleton as a teacher at Radley Primary School. Extract of article and picture from Oxford Mail, 16 July 1971. Presented by Doug Rawlinson. (For further copies of the picture, see Photographs P.93.) Document D.173
Order of Service in Radley Church on 22 May 2009 prior to the official opening of the new Unit at Radley C.E. Primary School. 8 pp. Presented by Christine Wootton. Document D.186
Reports (1954 and 1958) and a press cutting (newspaper uncertain, 11 November, 1966) on condition of Radley Primary School (items belonging to David Buckle and donated by his family following his death) Document D.305.4
School Exercise Book of Anthony Leary at Radley C. of E, School as marked by his English Teacher (no date). Donated by Mary Hutson and includes her recollections, 2004. Document D.36
(i) Typescript of Summaries of the HM Inspectorate of Schools reports after examinations of Radley C. of E. School in November 1866, November 1867, December 1868 and for the year ended October 31st 1869.
(ii) Typed extracts from Radley School Diary 1866 and 1868. From Patricia Groser, March 2004.
Document D.38
Abingdon Herald article of 5 April 2007 about retirement of Radka Benton as headteacher of Radley Orimary School Document D.346
Abingdon Herald article of 3 June 2009 about opening of Radley Primary School's new foundation stage unit Document D.347
Colour photo of the staff and pupils of Radley C.E. Primary School, 2000. (Filed separately). Photo P.3
Radley School c.1928/9. Copied from original owned by Mary Shayler. In Photograph Album containing Photographs P.1 to P.62. Photo P.32
Radley C. E. Primary School pupils, early 1920s. From the Mick Portsmouth Collection: copies of photos loaned by Mick Portsmouth of 69 Foxborough Road, Radley. Photo P.64.11
Photo of Radley Village School pupils, staff, etc., 1890s copied from original in Radley Church archives, loaned by Denis Standen, Churchwarden. Photo P.83
Photograph of Radley C.E. Primary School, with pond and cattle in foreground, c.1950. Presented by Jeff Henley. Photo P.92
Copies of two black and white photographs of Miss Florence Middleton’s retirement as a teacher at Radley C.E. Primary School on 15 July 1971. Copied from originals loaned by Freda Faulkner. For Oxford Mail article, see Documents D.173. Photo P.93
Photograph of staff and pupils at Radley C.E. Primary School, taken outside the School (c.1915?). Presented by Mr M.J. Portsmouth. Photo P.95
Copy photographs taken from originals owned by Maureen Holland of Radley, as follows:
(i) Radley Primary School Athletics Team 1957.
(ii) Radley Primary School pupils, photographed outside the school.
(iii) Group of schoolgirls and teacher (no date or location).
(iv) Coronation Day procession of Radley schoolchildren and others, 12 May 1937.
Photo P.109
Photo of children and a schoolmistress in a classroom. Copy photo from original lent by Brenda Thomas of Radley Photo P.111.2
Six colour photos of the hot air balloon which landed at Radley Primary School playing field on 11 April 2004. Photographs from the Faulkner Collection, presented by Freda Faulkner of Radley, January 2008. Photo P.122.1
Seven colour photos of tree felling at Radley Village Hall and Sports Field, and two colour photos of new double-glazed windows at the Village Hall, 9 November 2007. Photographs from the Faulkner Collection, presented by Freda Faulkner of Radley, January 2008. Photo P.122.2
148 images, on disc taken by Les Hemsworth at the Radley Primary School Exhibition on 12 and 13 July 2008. Also thumbnails of the same. Photo P.131
Radley C.E. School (P/8532). Photograph purchased from Oxfordshire Studies, 2006. Undated. but probably taken in the 1930–1950 period(except where otherwise stated). © Oxfordshire County Council (image number given in brackets). Photo P.144.14
Photograph (damaged) of Radley Primary School Children and Teachers, c.1931, taken by Scholastic Souvenir Co. Ltd., Blackpool (sepia print. Also paper copy). Copy photograph presented by Doug Rawlinson. Photo P.150.12
Radley School House and parts of School, Church and Vicarage, taken across the Pond (not dated) (black and white). Copy photograph presented by Doug Rawlinson. Photo P.150.13
Two photographs of Radley Primary School children and staff outside the old village shops, 1990s. Photo P.152
Copies of colour photographs taken by John Huddleston and displayed at Abingdon Library to advertise Radley History Club’s Exhibition of the History of Radley Primary School on 12 and 13 July 2008, as follows:
(i) Radley Church (taken October 2000)
(ii) School House, taken from the Churchyard (taken March 2004)
(iii) School and Old School Building (taken March 2004)
(iv) Old School Building adjoining the School House (taken March 2004)
(v) Classrooms in the main School Building (taken October 2000)
(vi) School Hall and former Kitchen (taken March 2004)
(vii) Former canteen at Radley Primary School built in the late 1940s; used latterly as a classroom and then by Radley Playgroup; due to be demolished (taken March 2004).
(viii) Three photographs by John Huddleston (and presented by him) of the display mounted by Joyce Huddleston and Christine Wootton at Abingdon Library, publicising Radley History Club’s Exhibition at Radley Primary School on 12 and 13 July 2008.
Photo P.154 
Mounted photo of Radley School children and staff, by Henry W. Taunt & Co., Oxford, late 1890s. Part of a collection of documents, photographs etc. presented by Charles Dockar-Drysdale, March 2009, the remainder of the collection being filed under Books B.76 and Documents D.182. See also disc found at P.207. Photo P.157.4
Twelve photographs of the demolition of the detached classroom (formerly canteen) at Radley C.E. Primary School, spring 2009. Taken and presented by Brian Ford, May 2009. Photo P.158
(i) Copy photograph of Radley School pupils, 1901.
(ii) Copy photograph of Radley School girls, 1906, with names inserted.
Presented by Martin Mawhinney, August/September 2010.
Photo P.162
Radley County Primary School buildings. 18 images, 2009. Les Hemsworth Collection of Photographs, presented by him. Photo P.204 (10)
Radley Primary School project 2008. Photos of buildings, in and out, pupils and teachers. Photo P.215
Radley Primary School, 50 images of opening of new unit and renovation, 22 May 2009 Photo P.216
Radley Primary School - Then and Now' Project: Mary Shayler and her daughter Ann Thorp, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 20 November 2006. 43 minutes 24 seconds. Audiovisual A.148
Radley Primary School - Then and Now' Project, Radka Benton, Headteacher 1997-2007, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 20 March 2007. 46 minutes 25 seconds. Audiovisual A.149
Radley Primary School - Then and Now' Project, Roger and Pat Stephens, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 19 April 2007. 45 minutes 55 seconds. Audiovisual A.150
Radley Primary School - Then and Now' Project, Ray Osborn, interviewed by Tony Rogerson, 21 November 2007. 31 minutes 5 seconds. Audiovisual A.151
Radley Primary School - Then and Now' Project, Talk to pupils given by Mrs Hilda ('Sue') Shaw, 26 September 1984. Double CD set. 87 minutes 33 seconds. Audiovisual A.152
Radley Primary School, Year 5. Tony Rogerson talks to pupils, 2007–2008 and recorded by John Homewood by camcorder. Presented by Tony Rogerson, July 2015. (not available for sale). Audiovisual A.24
Radley Primary School Exhibition 12 and 13 July 2008 – camcorder film of the exhibition by John Homewood and audio text by Rita Ford (approx. 40 minutes). Audiovisual A.27
Radley C. of E. Primary School, July 2006 (not available for sale). Audiovisual A.17
Radley Primary School Association and Radley Pre-School, Jumble Sale 4 November 2006 and preparation the evening before. DVD with music (approx. 9 minutes). Audiovisual A.20