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This category covers material which is about general or national historical issues, or about areas outside Berkshire/Oxfordshire, that is of little direct relevance to Radley.
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Sulgrave Manor, Northamptonshire. The House of George Washington’s Ancestors. Illustrated Guide to the Manor, House and Gardens and supplementary documents. Presented by Brian Ford, February 2007. Book B.58
Benjamin’s Son. Benjamin Arthur Kent MD By Peter Schurr. Presented by Dr John Ward. Book B.102
Living the Poor Life: a guide to the Poor Law Union Correspondence c.1834-1871 held in the National Archives by Paul Carter and Natalie Whistance. Published by the British Association for Local History, 2011. Book B.119
Essential Maps for Family Historians by Charles Masters, Countryside Books, 2009. Presented by Brian and Rita Ford. Book B.121
Oral History: Talking about the Past by Robert Perks, published by the Historical Association, 1995. Book B.144
The Local Historian's Glossary of Words and Terms, by Joy Bristow, Countryside Books, 2005, presented by family of Stanley Baker. Book B.151
A Companion to Local History Research, by John Campbell-Kease, Guild Publishing, 1989, presented by family of Stanley Baker. Book B.152
Printed form of Service in Commemoration of His Late Majesty King George VI (1952). Document D.146.1
Printed Order of Divine Service for Trinity Sunday 31 May 1953 being the Sunday preceding Her Majesty’s Coronation [Elizabeth II] (1953). Presented by Ann Blake, July 2008. Document D.146.2
Report of the talk  about two books, The Blessings of a Good Thick Skirt and Your Home is my Home, presented by the author Mary Russell to the RHC meeting on 10 March 2014 Document D.242.16
Report of the talk entitled 'William Gill, spy and explorer' given by Tony Hadland to Radley History Club on 14 April 2014 Document D.242.17
Report of the talk entitled 'The Invisible Brick' presented by Martin Buckland at the RHC meeting on 9 March 2015 Document D.242.24
Report of the talk entitled 'A History of Letchworth Garden City' given by Paul Sandford to the RHC on 11 July 2016 Document D.242.38
Report of the talk entitled 'Maiwand, the last stand of the 66th Berkshire Regiment in Afghanistan in 1881', given by Michael Cornwall to Radley History Club on 13 May 2013. Document D.242.8
Transcribing Documents in the National Archives Catalogue – booklet downloaded from The National Archives' website, November 2016. Document D.295
Photocopy of article entitled Household and Kinship, Ryton in the late 16th and early 17th centuries by Miranda Chaytor published in History Workshop Journal, 1980. (Item belonging to Patricia Groser, former RHC Committee member, and donated by her family following her death.) Document D.304.4
Roses and Castles: English Canals and the Folk who worked on them. Talk by Martin Way, 8 March 2004. Audiovisual A.70
Anglo Saxons of the Upper Thames. Talk by Tim Porter, with vote of thanks by Jenny Standen. 10 May 2004. Audiovisual A.71
Life in a Rural Scottish Village (‘Insch’) in the 1930s and 1940s. Talk by Sandy Fowlie, 13 September 2004. See also typescript of this talk, Documents D.50. Audiovisual A.72
Introductory Talk on Thematic Trails. By Peter Keene, 11 April 2005. Audiovisual A.79
The History of Printing. Talk by Claire Bolton, 14 November 2005. Audiovisual A.83
The Sealed Knot. Talk by David Kyffin, 9 June 2003. Audiovisual A.63